Luigi Nifosì starts his production with a research on informal photography where the sea is its main source of ispiration. At the same time, he begins to catalogue Sicily's monumental heritage: this quest has been his focus for more than twenty years. The result of his quest is an archive of images of the whole region, which boasts hundreds of thousands of pictures and is continuously updated.

Thanks to his love for flying, these pictures include the exclusive collection of aerial photos taken flying over the main cities, archaeological sites and landscapes of Sicily: a unique catalogue in the whole world for the number and variety of the sites included.

Nowadays he is a free lance for some of the main italian and foreign magazines.

Some authors who have been writing about him: Dominique Fernandez, Paolo Portoghesi, Donatella Bianchi, Valeria Volatile, Paolo Nifosì, Paolo Giansiracusa, Pippo Pappalardo, Marina Benedetto, Carmela Grasso, Gaspare Urso, Michele Fronterè, Maurizio Di Dio, Carla Sfameni, Venera Coco, Antonella Corona, Ornella Sgroi, Isabella Di Bartolo.


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